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Hurricane Irma & Jose

As we prepare for Hurricane Irma & Jose, please observe the following guidance:

  • Print a copy of our Hurricane Preparedness Guide and take appropriate steps to prepare your family and property.
  • If we are impacted by the hurricane, the Association will address damage and clean-up of common property only.
  • Owners are responsible for preparing their properties for a hurricane and subsequent clean-up and repairs.
  • Owners should take steps to secure their private property (e.g. boats), please do not request nor use common property to secure property that cannot be stored on your property.
  • We recommend that owners should organize a contractor in advance to carry out remedial work on their private property. Our gardening contractor – Caribbean Landscape – may also be contacted on  377-1149 ext 117 for hurricane clean-up. Note that this is outside the scope of our gardening service and therefore must be paid for by the individual owners.
  • Debris from private property must be properly disposed of and not placed on common property. The Association will not remove debris arising from private property.

If you have any questions, please email hurricane@sandyportmanagement.com

Security advisory

We would like to remind residents that Sandyport continues to be one of the safest communities in the country. Access is well controlled and documented at all official entry points. We operate a verified patrol around the clock to provide a visible presence. In 2016, we increased the number of cameras in service for wider coverage. We address weaknesses as they arise in the perimeter, for instance by replacing chain link fence with walls. Workers need ID passes to enter the property. Visitors must have invites from residents. Our security department received a commendation in an independent review conducted last year.

The Directors review all security reports and determine if we should raise the alarm to all residents. If there is a perceived threat to the community, we circulate a notice. In some cases, the Directors will not circulate an advisory as it does not wish to cause undue concern.

We inform the police of suspected crimes but they will only take a crime report from the victim. Our security team provides support to the police department together with access to CCTV footage and access control logs.

Rest assured that we will inform you of any security threats. In the meantime, if you see anything suspicious, call 327 6943 and for emergencies select ‘0’ at the prompt.

Important changes to construction guidelines

Effective January 1, 2017 amendments to the construction guidelines will become effective. The changes have been adopted to minimize the likelihood of disruption during construction activity.

The full guidelines are available here, the amendments affect two clauses and are highlighted below:

2.1.3                                       Construction activity is permitted only between 7:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. on Mondays through Friday save for excavation work which is permitted until 3:00pm. No construction is allowed on Saturdays, Sundays or Public Holidays. Any construction activity considered a nuisance can be stopped by Security and workers may be asked to leave.

2.1.5                                       The contractor is responsible for avoiding damage and making full repairs to any Common Areas, developed or undeveloped properties, streets, sidewalks, utilities, lighting, signage and/or landscaping in the vicinity of the construction site. Before heavy equipment is permitted on the property the owner shall agree to indemnify the Association, by way of written agreement, against loss or damage caused by such equipment. Heavy equipment will be denied access if no specific indemnity is in place from the owner in a written form held at the security gate.

The Indemnity Agreement is available for download at the Construction Guidelines page.

Car and boat registrations for 2017

2017 auto identification decals are now available for collection from Security Services located at the Sandyport main entrance.

Mandatory boat permits

Under the policy for watercraft moored in Sandyport, all existing permits will expire at midnight on December 31, 2016. Please complete the application form and submit to Security Services together with current documentation. Vessels without or within invalid permits will be denied access to the waterwaysFull details and the application form are available here.

Holiday business hours 2016-2017

Holidays 2015-2016

The Holiday season is here again and it is during this time of year that criminal activity tends to increase. However we wish to assure you that we will continue to do our part to ensure the safety of residents and their property. There are a number of safety precautions the Security Department would like everyone to bear in mind during this season.

  • Call Security Services on 327-6943 to report anything that appears suspicious.
  • To speak to an officer immediately press ‘1’ as soon as you hear the first greeting then again at the second menu.
  • Monitor children and always be aware of their activities. Our Security personnel have had cause to deal with resident children damaging Association property, their time could be better utilized.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. When traveling home at night, be vigilant to ensure that you are not being followed. If you suspect that you are being followed, please  stop at the security gate. This is particularly important for residents who may normally utilize the automatic entry system – do not use it under these circumstances.
  • Drivers of vehicles with dark tinted glass should open their windows when stopping at the Security gate so that personnel can check that the occupants are not under duress.  When there are guests following you home, please give Security Services their names. Also, inform your guest to stop at the Security gate and not to enter directly after you.
  • Provide Security Services with guest lists for any upcoming functions in order to prevent delays or inconveniencing them.
  • Notify Security Services if your property is going to be vacant over the holidays, you may send instructions at our Going away service.

In conclusion, please be reminded that workers’ identification badges and vehicle decals expire at the end of December.

Business hours during the Holiday season:

Dec 23rd – 8am – noon
Dec 24th – 27th – closed
Dec 28th & 29th – 8am – 4pm
Dec 30th – 8am – noon
Dec 31st – Jan 2nd – closed

Business resumes as normal on January 3rd, 2017. In the event of emergencies outside of business hours, please contact 327-6943.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all residents Happy Holidays and all the best for the New Year.

Use of marina slips for 2017

The Board has agreed to extend the marina slip program (see original post here) until December 31, 2017 subject to the terms set out below:

  • Payment in full of an annual fee of $1,800 + VAT;
  • The right to use the slip does not automatically renew upon expiration;
  • You may use the slip for your own boat only for as long as you remain a resident or owner;
  • It shall not be rented nor used by others;
  • In the event of hurricane, the boat shall be stored elsewhere;
  • You shall be responsible for any loss or damage to marina property due to neglect;
  • The boat shall be registered with Sandyport security and if anybody other than the owners use it, you shall notify security at least 24 hours before the boat leaves and enters Sandyport;
  • You will need to arrange for a dedicated water supply to be installed by the Association in the event you require access to potable water, and
  • Your rights under the terms of the Licence Agreement and Conveyance are not affected by this agreement.
  • Slips will be allocated on a first paid basis subject to priority being given to non-waterfront lot owners, followed by existing slip users then all remaining residents / owners.

To reserve a slip, please make the reservation below and forward payment in the amount of $1,800 + VAT (Total $1,935) to the Association office. Reservations are not secured until we confirm in writing accordingly. The slips shall be allocated on a first paid, first served basis with preference being given to those that took advantage of the program in the previous year. Unauthorised vessels will be removed after December 31, 2016.

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Hurricane Matthew Update


Our administrative offices will be closed from noon on October 5, 2016 until 8am on Friday.

Security personnel will remain on property during the hurricane and emergencies should be reported to 327-6943.

Our maintenance personnel are on standby on Thursday October 6, 2016 to respond to emergencies only.

Plans are in place for clean up once the hurricane has cleared.

House numbering exercise completed

Following the house numbering exercise recently completed by the Ministry of Public Works, the Directors have determined that the following addressing convention will be adopted:


For example assume 299 Sandyport Drive is assigned a government number of 301, the address will read as follows:


We recognise there may be some reluctance to include the Ministry assigned number, however our legal advisors have referred us to the following excerpt from the the Public Works Act:

5. (1) It shall be lawful for the Minister, subject to any rules in that behalf, to assign a number to any house or building jutting on or adjacent to any road and to cause such number to be fixed at the public expense in a conspicuous place on the outer side of such house or building or at the entrance to the enclosure thereof.

(2) It shall be the duty of the owner or occupier of such house or building to protect such number and the expense of replacing and refixing the same in the event of its being destroyed, defaced, lost or concealed shall be paid by the owner or occupier and be recoverable from him summarily save where some other person is convicted under the provisions of subsection (3) of this section in respect of that number.

(3) Any person who destroys, pulls down, defaces or conceals any number placed on a house or building under the provisions of this section shall on summary conviction be liable to a penalty of forty dollars and, in addition, shall be ordered to pay the expenses of replacing and refixing the same.

The Association will suffix the home number to it’s records upon receipt of the final address list from the Ministry.

Road safety


To improve safety on our roads during the hours of darkness, we are  installing reflectors along Sandyport Drive. In areas where the width of the road is 18′ or greater, the reflectors are installed along the center between the perimeter of the road and the walking lane. In narrower sections, the reflectors are installed along the center of the road.

House numbering exercise

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 10.43.44 AM

The following message is an extract from an earlier release issued by the Government of The Bahamas and is pertinent to the house numbering exercise presently taking place in Sandyport:

The General Public is reminded that the House Numbering Exercise in New Providence continues and the Ministry is therefore seeking their support and cooperation to allow access to their properties for the installation of the assigned number on their buildings.

Ministry of Public Works and Transport employees assigned this task will be properly identified and due care will be taken not to damage the owners’ property. Each person installing the numbers on buildings will have an identification card that clearly indicates that they are a part of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport’s house numbering team.

The historic exercise of correctly numbering the houses along with the street naming project, when completed, would make it easier to locate streets, businesses and houses throughout the island of New Providence.

We have provided written approval to the Ministry to grant access to duly authorized persons who may produce a copy of the letter upon request.

We have been asked how this affects addresses of the properties on title documents and it is our understanding that these will remain unaffected. Upon completion of the exercise the Association expects to be furnished with the Ministry assigned numbers which we will add to our records. Whether these numbers become the adopted standard will be a matter for the Board to review in due course.

Copy of the Public Announcement