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Board of Directors following 2020 AGM

The Board of Directors following the 2020 AGM held on Thursday  July 30th, 2020 is as follows :

  • Carey Cameron (Re-elected 2020 AGM)
  • Lines Craig (Elected 2020 AGM)
  • Rassin-Moodie Michele (Re-elected 2020 AGM)
  • Berdanis Constantinos ( Re-elected 2019 AGM)
  • Sands Roberts (Re-elected 2019 AGM)
  • Seivright Roger (Elected 2019 AGM)
  • Ward Gilbert (Elected 2019 AGM)

We will circulate notice of the Officers following the next Board of Directors meeting.


Dear Residents / Homeowners,

Gardening Service update

As a result of the Emergency Orders No. 2 issued on March 23rd, 2020 by the Government of the Bahamas, we have contacted our landscape partners and we wish to advise you as of 5 pm today March 24th, 2020, the gardening service will be discontinued until further notice.

All inquiries can still be addressed to

(Please see attached – Emergency Powers COVID -19)

Kind Regards


NOTICE: emergency orders no .2 covid 19 update!

Dear Residents / Homeowners,

Office Closure

As a result of the Emergency Orders No. 2  issued on March 23rd, 2020 by the Government of the Bahamas, we wish to advise you that our office will be closed as of Tuesday March 24th, 2020. 
Our office staff will be working from home until March 31st, 2020 or until the Government provides further guidance as to when we can return.

All inquiries can still be addressed to

As a reminder, if you have something you must drop off to our office, please utilize the drop box located at the security service entrance. While we are a private community we are required to adhere to the Emergency Orders communicated effective through to March 31st 2020.

Amenity Areas

Additionally, it is not our intention to close pools, playgrounds, and tennis courts. However, we ask that all residents practice social distancing while utilitizing these common areas. 

Construction Sites

Please note that all construction sites must be secured by 6pm today March 24th, 2020 and shutdown until further notice.

(Please see attached – Emergency Powers COVID -19)
We trust everyone will continue to stay safe. 

Kind Regards


Social event set for November 22, 2019

Our sixth annual social event takes place from 6-9pm on Friday            November 22nd, 2019 at The Gazebo located in phase 5                        (near Coral Beach).

This is a social event to meet with other residents, the Directors and Committee Members.

We will also turn on the seasonal lights to celebrate the start of the holiday season. We will be providing food, bar service and a bouncy castle for the kids. The pool will be open for under 18’s that are             accompanied by adults.

We are looking forward to this event, please put it in your diary and come Join Us!

NOTE: No outside guests are permitted, this event is strictly for the enjoyment of owners and residents only.

Online payment Changes


In an effort to improve your ability to make online payment methods we are currently working with the local Banking Institutions to roll out more efficient and secure methods of payment.

To this end you are no longer able to use the method of making payments through PayPal. 

In the interim you are able to visit Sandyport Homeowners Association Office Suite #204 to make payments.  Additionally, you can make online payments through First Caribbean International Bank or Scotiabank information provided. 

For full details of all available payment methods, please visit this page.