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Board of Directors update

The Officers  designations following  the Board Directors Meeting is as follows:

  • Roger Seivright – Chairman
  • Michele Rassin-Moodie – Secretary
  • Craig Lines – Treasurer
  • Constantinos Berdanis – Director
  • Llewelyn  Boyer-Cartwright – Director
  • Antionette Turnquest – Director
  • Robert Sands – Director (Appointed to replace Cameron Carey until next AGM 2022)


Board of Directors following 2021 AGM

The Board of Directors following the 2021 AGM held on Friday, April 23rd, 2021 is as follows;

  • Turnquest Antionette (Elected 2021 AGM)
  • Cartwright Llewellyn (Elected 2021 AGM)
  • Berdanis Constantinos (Re-elected 2021 AGM)
  • Seivright Roger (Re-elected 2021 AGM)
  • Lines Craig (Elected 2020 AGM)
  • Rassin-Moodie Michele (Re-elected 2020 AGM)

At the next Board meeting,  the Directors will determine officer designations and the appointment of a Director to serve for one year, following the resignation of Cameron Carey.



Biographies for 2021 AGM Director Nominations

The Annual General Meeting will take place at the Gazebo located in Phase 5 (adjacent to the pond) on Friday, April 23rd, 2021. 

voting extended hours 1:00pm to 5:00pm.                                                     

Nominations for the 2021 vacancies on the Board of Directors close April 16th, 2021 (Article no. 52), and the deadline for the submission of proxy forms also closes April 16th, 2021 (Article no. 46).

COSTA BERDANIS              

Mr. Constantinos J Berdanis started his Development and Construction Company in 1995. His knowledge and expertise would be a great asset in assisting the community in reaching its goals. Mr. Berdanis is married with three boys.



Roger is the former Managing Director of Unique Vacations (Bahamas) Limited (UVL).  Unique Vacations Limited is an affiliate of Unique Travel Corp., the Worldwide representative for Sandals and Beaches Resorts where Roger has been employed for 20 years.  UVL’s primary objective is to provide operational and information technology support to Sandals and Beaches Resorts.

Roger’s Expertise Includes:

  • Information Technology
  • Online/Digital Marketing
  • Audit and Quality Assurance
  • Call Center Management
  • Operational Systems Development
  • Real Estate 


Roger attended primary school in Jamaica, boarding school in the United Kingdom, and went to College in the United States of America.


Roger was born in Kingston, Jamaica, and has lived in the USA and the UK. He has been living with his wife and daughters in Sandyport for 11 years and is a homeowner.  



Antionette Turnquest is an accomplished Human Resource professional with a diverse career across several industries.

Presently, Antionette is the Human Resources Director at Commonwealth Brewery Limited (CBL), a position she’s held since March 2019. In her role, she is responsible for leading talent management of more than three hundred associates across The Bahamas.

Before joining CBL, Antionette has held executive Human Resource management roles at several leading companies in The Bahamas. She served as Head of Human Resources for First Caribbean CIBC Bahamas and Turks & Caicos from 2015 to 2019 and Assistant General Manager for HR & Training at The Bahamas Electricity Corporation (BEC) from 2007 to 2015. In each capacity, she drove comprehensive strategies to manage employees and overall workplace culture.

Antionette’s career in HR was spurred by her keen interest in industrial relations. She joined the Kerzner International team as a Labour Relations Manager in 2002. In this position, her responsibilities included ensuring the companies’ compliance with labour Laws, providing training and support to Management, enforcing company policies, and representing the company in industrial relations matters. Just two years later, she joined The Bahamas Hotel Employer’s Association as its Director of Industrial Relations. In this position, Mrs. Turnquest represented the hotel owners in New Providence and Paradise Island and assisted in maintaining a stable industrial relations environment within the hotel industry.

Mrs. Turnquest’s career began as an Associate in the litigation department at the Graham Thompson & Co. law firm. Her practice encompassed a broad range of areas from banking to Labour Law.

Antionette has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of the West Indies, completing her LLB in 1998. She completed her studies at The Eugene Dupuch Law School and was admitted as a Counsel and Attorney to the Bahamas Bar in 2000. Antionette also holds an Associates of Arts Degree in English Language and Literature from the College of The Bahamas and graduated from Saint Augustine’s College in 1993.

Apart from her professional responsibilities, in her spare time, she enjoys reading, sporting activities, and cooking. She is married to Marco M. Turnquest, a Partner at the law firm of Lennox Paton & Co and they have 3 children, Nicholas, Adam & Lauryn.




Llewellyn has been a practicing attorney for over 26 years in The Bahamas and founded Harley James Law in June 2020.

He provides advice to international and domestic air carriers as well as numerous private clients; property acquisition; corporate entities; immigration and estate planning.

Llewellyn has established himself as the go-to lawyer in The Bahamas for Aviation Law and is recognized as a leading authority in the jurisdiction. As a licensed air transport pilot, he has over 30 years of experience in the aviation industry having flown commercially for airlines both in the US and The Bahamas.

Since 2012, he has been a strong proponent on the enhancement of the country’s aircraft registry to compete with other leading international registries to enable the civil aviation sector to become self-sustaining. He has served on the Registry Development and the Cape Town Convention Steering Committee and has also assisted The Bahamas Civil Aviation Authority with the drafting of regulations for the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs); commonly referred to as drones.

Llewellyn has authored numerous articles, contributed a chapter to a leading publication, and has spoken at several international conferences in relation to Aviation Law in The Bahamas. In addition to his positions held on governmental and statutory bodies in the aviation sector, including the Air Transport Advisory Board, he is also a former member of the Bahamas Financial Services Board (BFSB).

He is a member of Bars of England & Wales (Honourable Society of the Inner Temple), The Bahamas, and the Lawyer Pilots Bar Association and holds a Bachelor of Laws degree and a Master’s degree in Aviation Science.

Llewellyn has been a member of the Sandyport community since 1992 and still regards it as one of the most desirable places on the Island in which to live.


2021 Water billing schedule

The 2021 water billing schedule is now available for viewing via this page.

Auction Image

Starting at $0.00

Refresh Current Bid

  • Ending Date - 20th Jun 2021 13:05:20

Auction closed

Current bids
  1. Joshuatek bid $56,852.00 on 2021-03-12 19:53:54 [auto]
  2. InvillTax bid $56,842.00 on 2021-03-12 19:53:54
  3. Joshuatek bid $51,985.00 on 2021-03-12 13:34:25 [auto]
  4. Williamwowly bid $51,975.00 on 2021-03-12 13:34:25
  5. Joshuatek bid $5,323.00 on 2021-03-10 14:27:36
  6. Averypaura bid $10.00 on 2021-03-10 04:56:56
Payment Details

Payment must be made using the following method

Use of marina slips for 2021

The Board has agreed to extend the marina slip program (see original post here) until December 31, 2021 subject to the terms set out below. Note the increase compared to the previous year covers the cost of additional liability insurance:

  • Payment in full of an annual fee of $2,000 + VAT;
  • The right to use the slip does not automatically renew upon expiration;
  • You may use the slip for your own boat only for as long as you remain a resident or owner;
  • It shall not be rented nor used by others;
  • In the event of a hurricane, the boat shall be stored elsewhere;
  • You shall be responsible for any loss or damage to marina property due to neglect;
  • The boat shall be registered with Sandyport security and if anybody other than the owners use it, you shall notify security at least 24 hours before the boat leaves and enters Sandyport;
  • You will need to arrange for a dedicated water supply to be installed by the Association in the event you require access to potable water, and
  • Your rights under the terms of the Licence Agreement and Conveyance are not affected by this agreement.
  • Slips will be allocated on a first paid basis subject to priority being given to non-waterfront lot owners, followed by existing slip users then all remaining residents/owners.

To reserve a slip, please make the reservation below and forward payment in the amount of $2,000 + VAT (Total $2,240) to the Association office. Reservations are not secured until we confirm in writing accordingly. The slips shall be allocated on a first paid, first-served basis with preference being given to those that took advantage of the program in the previous year provided that payment is made before the expiration date. Unauthorized vessels will be removed after December 31, 2020.

Private docks

TAKE NOTICE THAT Residents (tenants and/or visitors) using mooring posts, cleats, or any other means of securing vessels to their properties do so at their own risk. Users are responsible for ensuring the security of their vessels including the equipment used, whether or not the said equipment forms part of, or is attached to, common property. Sandyport Homeowners Association Limited (the Association) does not warrant the use of any such equipment located on common property or otherwise, with your use of any such equipment you agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Association for any injury, loss, or damage arising therefrom. The Association accepts no responsibility, and is not liable, for any injury, loss, or damage arising directly or indirectly from poorly secured vessels. Owners that wish to install equipment to secure their vessels are hereby reminded of their obligation to seek the requisite approval from the Association.

Allocation of carports for 2021

The Board has agreed to extend the carport usage program (see original post here) until December 31, 2021 subject to payment of a fee of $150 + VAT (Total $168) per carport. The spaces shall be allocated on a first paid, first-served basis with preference being given to those that took advantage of the program in the previous year provided that payment is made before the expiration date.

The spaces are numbered in accordance with the sequence below starting from the West and heading East. Unauthorized vehicles parked in any of these locations after December 31, 2020, shall be subject to removal and storage charges.

To start the application process, please complete the form below and the office will contact you to finalize arrangements.

    Your Name

    Your Email (required)

    Address (required)

    Vehicle license number (required)

    Copy Board of Directors following 2020 AGM

    The Board of Directors following the 2020 AGM held on Thursday  July 30th, 2020 is as follows :

    • Carey Cameron (Re-elected 2020 AGM)
    • Lines Craig (Elected 2020 AGM)
    • Rassin-Moodie Michele (Re-elected 2020 AGM)
    • Berdanis Constantinos ( Re-elected 2019 AGM)
    • Sands Roberts (Re-elected 2019 AGM)
    • Seivright Roger (Elected 2019 AGM)
    • Ward Gilbert (Elected 2019 AGM)

    We will circulate notice of the Officers following the next Board of Directors meeting.