Water billing schedule

Water consumption bills are produced for each property quarterly  according to the schedule below. Please contact accounts@sandyportmanagement.com if you do not see your water bill added to your online account by the expected date.

Route Week ending
A 04-Jan-20 05-Apr-20 05-Jul-20 04-Oct-20
B 11-Jan-20 12-Apr-20 12-Jul-20 11-Oct-20
C 18-Jan-20 19-Apr-20 19-Jul-20 18-Oct-20
D 25-Jan-20 26-Apr-20 26-Jul-20 25-Oct-20
E 01-Feb-20 03-May-20 02-Aug-20 01-Nov-20
F 08-Feb-20 10-May-20 09-Aug-20 08-Nov-20
G 15-Feb-20 17-May-20 16-Aug-20 15-Nov-20
h 22-Feb-20 24-May-20 23-Aug-20 22-Nov-20
I 01-Mar-20 31-May-20 30-Aug-20 29-Nov-20
J 08-Mar-20 07-Jun-20 06-Sep-20 06-Dec-20
K 15-Mar-20 14-Jun-20 13-Sep-20 13-Dec-20
L & M 22-Mar-20 21-Jun-20 20-Sep-20 20-Dec-20
N & O 29-Mar-20 28-Jun-20 27-Sep-20 27-Dec-20


Route Addresses
A Beach Lane
B Sandyport Drive 1 – 42
C Clipper Island
D Sand Dollar Island & Happy Lane
E Sandyport Drive 43 – 85
F Sandyport Drive 86 – 132 & The Arches 1 – 9
G Governor’s Cay
H Watercolor Cay
I The Arches 10 – 18, Sandyport Drive 155 – 182 & Roberts Isle
J Kingfisher Island
K Sandyport Drive 183 – 227
L Sandyport Drive 228 – 256
M Royal Palm Cay
N Poinciana Cay
O Coral Beach & Jacaranda Close

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