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Year end message from the Board of Directors

In the last year, who would have thought we could have accomplished so much.

It is with great pride that we speak to the transformation that has taken place in Sandyport. Plans are to continue refining our collective energies and remain focused on the rejuvenation of the neighbourhood.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the inaugural board for their hard work; we have been in good hands. In our effort to build on what they have started, we realize that we have some big shoes to fill.

Since end of October, there have been semi monthly board meetings after which the lengthy to-do list our General Manager, Simon Cooper, receives is executed with enthusiasm and passion. We extend our sincere thanks to him and his team for their efforts.

Stay tuned as 2011 promises to bring many more ideas for beautifying our community and keeping all properties safe.

On behalf of the Board of Directors.

Karen Dagenais

List of assessed addresses

We are pleased to be in a position to publish the list of addresses that are subject to assessment for the purposes of calculating the annual maintenance fees. The information may be found by clicking here. Note that some homes are still under construction therefore removed from the calculation (indicated with a note ‘A’) and others are based on preliminary measurements which may be subject to change (note ‘B’).

2010 Assessment Notice

The Board of Directors of the Sandyport Homeowners Association met at a Board Meeting on November 29, 2010 and confirmed that the Association’s Annual Assessment Fee for 2010 of $2.75 per square foot was appropriate based on the 2009 accounts and 2010 budget, a copy of which is attached.

Accordingly we hereby formally provide notice that this Assessment Fee shall be deemed valid for the 2010 period.

Golf cart donation

After seeing the poor condition of our golf carts while being operated at night, which is an essential part of our security service to you, one of our Homeowners has kindly donated this 4-seater cart.

The Association has also purchased another similar cart from the same supplier who offered a preferential deal for both units. We would like to express our sincere thanks to the donor, who has requested anonymity.

New Board

The new Board of Directors elected by the shareholders at yesterday’s AGM is as follows (in alphabetical order):

  • Kenneth Cartwright
  • Edward Chemaly
  • Karen Dagenais
  • Mark Holcombe
  • Craig Lines
  • Jane McLeod
  • Tony Miaoulis

When the Board meets, they will determine who shall be Chairman and Secretary.

Director’s Report To The Shareholders



For the period January 2nd 2010 – October 21st 2010

On January 2nd 2010 the existing board members, Gilbert Ward, Larry Gibson, Kenneth Cartwright, Richard Gardner, Christine Berlanda, Scott Farrington and Joy Jibrilu (retired due to illness) were elected to serve until the Annual General Meeting by the previous shareholders. Mrs. Michelle Pindling-Sands was appointed at the August board meeting by the remaining board members to fill the vacancy created by the illness of Mrs. Jibrilu.

Your board members spent countless hours ascertaining the operational state of affairs of your Association, setting up the Security Committee, the Gardening Committee, the Architectural Committee, the Audit and Accounts Committee and the Legal and Compliance Committee. For many months with our previous General Manager, various members of the board had to assist on a daily basis with the day to day matters and crises that arose, personnel issues, gardening (or lack thereof) issues, equipment issues and accounting issues. It was quite a learning curve and very taxing. Special thanks go out to the various members of the above Committees for their considerable efforts. Richard Gardner walked the length and breadth of Sandyport every morning in the dark checking on the security guards and the sewerage and electrical systems and the various disasters in those areas were averted because of his considerable expertise and technical ability. We are in much better shape today, but not yet out of the woods as spare parts for the sewer system and electrical system operation are badly needed. Our sewer plant should normally be operating with two blowers and with a third one kept in reserve as a spare; right now we are operating on only one blower while the two others are in the USA being refurbished. New Blowers cost approximately $25,000 each; we need spare pumps for our seven sewer lift stations and these cost several thousands of dollars each.

Our previous manager, Mr. Glinton retired at the end of June. Our present General Manager Mr. Simon Cooper has done a remarkable job in the short time since he took over, and he was able to expose and deal with the many areas that were totally unsatisfactory in the operation of our Association. We are currently without the services of an accountant but Mr. Cooper’s considerable computer and accounting skills have stabilized what was otherwise a very unsatisfactory and archaic accounting system. Our General Manager moved swiftly to establish single handedly a website that is interactive and which allows us to communicate and receive communications in real time. Our gardeners are now trained and working fairly efficiently with proper equipment that we recently purchased and with a manager that has been able to properly schedule them and based on the feedback that we have received from you, the general maintenance of our lawns, hedges and common areas are in the best shape that we have seen them in years.

Many of you have expressed your appreciation for the visual improvement to our landscaped front entrance and guard gate. Many may no longer remember the complete eyesore that was our front entrance and thanks to the foresight of and hard work on a daily basis by Messrs Miaoulis and Chemaly, with help from some of our board members, we now have a front entrance that we can be proud of. Thanks to the discovery by Messrs Gardner and Cartwright of a large capacity diesel generator still in its packing carton hidden away in the bush behind the sewer plant, we now have a functioning generator with an automatic transfer switch installed at our guard gate so that our security and guard gates can function during power outages. We could not get any explanation from our previous general manager as to when this generator was purchased and by whom and for what purpose as it is a single phase generator and all of Sandyport (with the exception of the guard house) is three Phase. We have also installed central air-conditioning in the guard house at the gate so that our security staff can function therein during the hot summer months. We have also acquired a truck and trailer so that our gardening and other equipment and our landscaping staff (with water containers which we have never supplied before) can get to their assigned locations and back. It was quite appalling to see how little equipment and resources had been provided to them in the past and management and training was seriously lacking.

Immediately after taking over we began the process of identifying the various home and property owners in Sandyport and obtaining the information from them for the production of and delivery to them of their share certificates evidencing their share in our company for each property that they own. This is an ongoing process and it has been made especially difficult by our being given incorrect information in some instances, or no information in others, and we can only continue to encourage shareholders who sell their property to pass their share certificate to the new owner duly endorsed, with the request that the new owner present it to the Management Office with the necessary payment, and a request for a new certificate.

At this Annual General Meeting you are being asked to elect a new board of seven directors to take us forward to the next level.

Sandyport is a great and friendly boating community and for many of us, it is our home. It has been a pleasure to have been of service to you.

On behalf of the Board of Directors


Gilbert A. Ward


Download report here

Annual General Meeting Agenda




To:  The Shareholders and the Auditors

The First Annual General  Meeting following the transfer of control by the Founder will be held on Thursday October 21st, 2010 commencing at 7.00p.m. at Tambearly School Hall, adjacent to Phase 5 of Sandyport. Entrance to Tambearly will be through the Sandyport  entrance  to the School at the Eastern end of the main road, in  Phase  5.

The following items of business will be conducted:

  1. The Chairman will call the meeting to order.
  2. It will be determined whether the requirements for a  quorum have been satisfied.
  3. To review and adopt the minutes of the last Annual General Meeting of the Company.
  4. To elect four Shareholders  to serve as Directors of the Company for a period of One(1) year and three (3) Shareholders to serve for a term of Two(2) years (Article no. 25).

    Kenneth Cartwright, Shirley Cartwright, Anthony Miaoulis, Edward Chemaly, Karen Dagenais
    Craig lines, Jane McLeod and Mark Holcombe.
  5. To  review the audited Financial Statements for the financial year ending December 31st, 2009
  6. To consider and approve the Budget for the financial year 2010.
  7. To receive, consider and adopt the report of the Directors.
  8. To approve of the appointment of auditors for the ensuing year and to authorize the directors to fix the remuneration of the auditors.

(a) Any shareholder entitled to attend and vote at the annual  general meeting of the Company shall be entitled to appoint a proxy to attend and vote in the members stead and the proxy holder need not be a member of the Company.
(b) Proxies shall be either left at the Sandyport Management Office in Olde Towne, or communicated to Simon Cooper, the Sandyport Manager, via e-mail. Proxies must be received at least 24 hours prior to the start of the meeting.
(c) Election of Directors shall be by secret ballot. Every member present in person or by proxy shall have one vote for each share held.

Notice Of Nominations To Serve On The Board


A Company incorporated under the Companies ACT

(“the Company”)


To:  The Shareholders of Sandyport  Homeowners’ Association Limited

Annual General Meeting of the above company to be held on

Thursday October 21, 2010 commencing at 7.30p.m.

Take Notice that at the Annual General Meeting a report from the Nominations Committee of the Board of Directors advises that the following shareholders have indicated their willingness to be nominated to serve as Directors if elected by the members:

It has been unanimously agreed that a request for further nominations from the shareholders at large be submitted by the 7th of October, 2010 which is fourteen (14) days prior to the Annual General Meeting to be held on Thursday October 21st, 2010.   The vote is to be taken at the Annual General Meeting.

The Members shall elect Four (4) directors for a term of one (1) year and Three (3) directors for a term of Two (2) years.

Dated this 29th day of September, 2010

Christine A. Berlanda


Download notice here

Notice of the Annual General Meeting 2010

To: The shareholders of Sandyport Homeowners Association Limited

Take Notice that the Annual General Meeting of the above company will take place in the Auditorium of the Tambearly School (adjacent to Sandyport) on Thursday October 21st commencing at 7.30p.m.

Shareholders are requested to park along the main road in Sandyport Phase Five and to walk through the gate into the Tambearly premises.

Shareholders who are joint owners or owners as tenants-in-common must send in to the Company Secretary (in care of the office) in writing the name of the shareholder who they have authorised to cast the vote on behalf of the said  joint owners or tenants-in-common.

Forms of Proxy will be circulated to shareholders for those who wish to have someone else represent them or to cast their vote. On completion of the form of proxy, same should also be sent to the Secretary via the Office. Where shares are held by companies, the company must send in a form of proxy designating an individual to cast the vote on its behalf.

Dated this 2nd day of September, 2010

Christine Berlanda


Download notice and proxy forms here

100 Day management summary

Ownership of the Association transferred to Property Owners (Owners) in January of 2010 and the new Board appointed a General Manager to replace Mr. Glinton in June 2010. This document provides an overview of some the changes that have taken place under new management during the first 100 days.

Download 2010 interim income statement and budget here


The Association employs approximately 70 personnel in the following divisions:

  • Security  –  Protects property and people
  • Gardening  –  Maintains common areas and private gardens
  • General Maintenance  –  Electrical, pool, painting, waste disposal, repairs
  • Water & Sewerage  –  Maintains the water supply and sewerage system
  • Administration  –  Day-to-day management and accounts

Management reorganized the personnel into clearly defined departments, each with their own Supervisors. A clear chain of command now ensures accountability within each department. During the reorganization process, certain staff have been repositioned to other departments or terminated for reasons of status, misconduct or redundancy.

All employees have received and signed the 28 page Employee Handbook which they are expected to abide by and new employees are hired under the following standards:

  1. Initial selection and first interview is conducted by the Supervisor
  2. If the candidate passes the first interview, their file is processed by our Security department who carries out thorough background checks and validates all the necessary supporting documents including:
    1. Passport / driver’s licence
    2. Police record (no more than 6 months old)
    3. Written references
  3. If the candidate is cleared by Security, they have a second interview with the General Manager in the presence the Supervisor
  4. If the candidate is successful, they are required to sign the following documents before commencing employment:
    1. Employee Handbook
    2. Job Description
    3. Employment Agreement

In order to ensure that personnel remain on property and available to perform their tasks, procedures have been implemented via the security department to control exit from the property via the main entrance. In addition radio handsets have been issued to Supervisors and a Progress Chaser patrols the grounds ensuring that outstanding tasks are followed through to completion and observing any inappropriate performance or behavior.


Tasks are self-created (internally by the Association) or generated by the Owners. A website was launched to help improve communication between the Association and it’s Owners. Apart from providing regular news and updates, the website is primarily used for the submission of any concerns that Owners may have. A task (hereinafter to referred to as “job”) is created by posting a concern at the website which opens a web based ‘job ticket’ and notifies the Administrator of it’s existence. The job ticket is distributed to the appropriate Supervisor and copied to the Progress Chaser. As a job progresses through each stage, updates are noted on the job ticket and the reporting party is notified of any changes to the job ticket status. The Progress Chaser follows up with the Supervisor on the job status and reports it back to the Administrator. The job ticket remains open until the job is confirmed as completed and is then closed.

The website is also used for the following purposes:

  • Trimming requests
  • Booking a pool for a function
  • Providing feedback via an ongoing survey
  • Permitting feedback on individual posts

Self-generated tasks are tracked using a different specialized project/task tracking system that does not require an exchange between the Association and it’s Owners. Examples may include projects such as the conversion of a lift station, which requires a number of steps involving different departments. The point of importance, however, is that however they are created the jobs and tasks are recognized, recorded, executed and concluded.

A biometric scanning system now ensures the accurate recording of property-based personnel’s time and attendance. Personnel are required to be at their place of work on time; therefore they must punch in earlier and punch out later. This has led to increased productivity by eliminating transit time on Association payroll. A small software upgrade will soon reduce the time taken to process payroll from hours to minutes.

The office has been equipped with a new server with integrated and remote (off site) backup. All administrative personnel can communicate via their own email address, which has helped the speed and efficiency by which matters can be dealt with. The main entrance is also equipped with a high-speed internet connection to further improve communications and productivity of that department as well as permit the transmission of time and attendance data to the main office.


We have amended some of the processes within the billing operation:

  • Water meters are read quarterly and interim bills are made monthly, saving time for the Association and meter reading charges for the Owners
  • The water charges are invoiced, instead of being added as a statement charge
  • The invoices continue to be sent 15 days before the due date, but the statements will now be sent at the start of the month to serve as a reminder for payment
  • The process to follow up with overdue payments has been redefined and we have observed immediate cashflow improvements
  • A third party collections company has been engaged to take over unresolved accounts, their charges are added to the due balance and collected by them

As a result of these measures, receivables are down to $267,784 in July 2010, compared to $404,040 as at December 31, 2009.

Tighter controls have been implemented on purchases:

  • All goods and services ordered require a signed Purchase Order
  • Incoming bills are first matched with a Purchase Order, signed by the General Manager before they are posted on to the ledger
  • The use of petty cash is discouraged
  • Routine payment runs have been established – bills approved Tuesday, posted Wednesday and due bills processed for payment Thursday

We have started the process of measuring all the homes in Sandyport to ascertain the accurate total square footage in order to determine the correct cost per square foot. The exercise should be complete by November 2010.

There are still a large number of share certificates either awaiting collection or awaiting preparation. We are engaged in an on-going process of contacting Owners to either arrange to collect their certificates or to deliver their details so that certificates may be prepared.

Sandyport branded uniforms have been ordered for all maintenance and gardening personnel.

There are some notices yet to be posted on the website:

  • Speeding
  • Procedure for entering security in the evening (and the number for the service entrance)
  • Warning about pets and the rodent bait stations
  • Hurricane preparedness guide


The 2009 accounts have been reviewed and published on the website.

The 2010 interim accounts and budget are available here.

The following reporting mechanisms have been implemented:

  • Sewerage system daily inspections
  • Gardening inspections
  • Electrical requirements checklists

A fixed asset and parts register has been prepared, detailing the many pieces of equipment and materials previously unrecorded.

The boat register has been fully updated.

Security has a detailed list of contractors and their workers presently constructing in Sandyport.


The maintenance, treatment and fertilization of the main entrance landscaping has been outsourced to Gardens Nursery.

The gardening operation is now under a management contract with a landscaping company. The Association provides the tools and manpower, the management contract is structured to improve the overall appearance of the properties and common areas whilst keeping the costs controlled.

We have invested over $20,000 in a landscaping truck, trailer and commercial grade equipment to enable the gardening crew to work more efficiently. In addition we are now providing them with on location water and ice.

Much of the clearing of the lots in Phase V has been carried out. The remaining lots within the property are soon to be cleared and all debris removed.

We have taken the decision and notified Owners that we do not service vegetation above 6’ for reasons of safety.

Many of the blind spots caused by vegetation have been cleared.

General Maintenance

The expansion of the rodent pest control solution was overdue. We have appointed an alternative pest control company and increased the coverage by 300%. Dog traps have been set and a notice advising Owners posted to the website.

The bridges and garbage areas were recently painted. The security booth by the canal has been renovated and is due to have a replacement air conditioning unit installed. The security booth at the main entrance now has a functioning backup generator and is now fully air-conditioned.

Some of the tennis court fences were in need of repair and sections have been replaced. The resurfacing of the tennis courts is pending available budget.

Replacement street signs have been ordered and are expected imminently.

A new staff and storage facility is being constructed by the ‘satellite side’ of the property for the safekeeping of gardening tools and convenience facility for the gardening crew.

The slips at Sand Dollar Island are now numbered. The dock area will be renovated when the budget permits. Quotes are presently being obtained for wood, concrete and pea gravel solutions.

The pool maintenance has been outsourced to a third party contractor. Our maintenance crew performs daily checks and clears any debris. The contractor maintains the pools twice a week.

The painting schedule (for homes) has been accelerated and we have lowered the costs by purchasing Devoe Paints.

Other minor improvements:

  • The reconstruction of the curb at the main entrance
  • Installation of gate closers by the pools
  • Installation of new pool signs
  • Remedy drain problem at Governors Cay – this involved trenching from the main road to the canal, installing the drain and landscaping the damaged area
  • We have taken over the responsibility (from a group of dedicated Owners) of the maintenance and cleaning for the playground located by the sewer plant – there have been many small improvements recommended by the group that we have implemented for the sake of safety and appearance. The key lock is due to be replaced with a key code lock for easier control of access
  • Pyramids have been placed along the empty lot between Sandyport Drive and Happy Lane to deter motorists from using it as a short cut

Other improvements pending budget approval:

  • Replacement of the canal barrier
  • Replacement of the security office by Tamberley School
  • Resurfacing of the swimming pools

There are some vines wrapped around BEC power lines. BEC have confirmed those lines are dormant and due for dismantling.


Our Head of Security was on the evening shift for over a decade, she is now on the daytime shift where she has proven to be more productive.

We explored the possibility of outsourcing our security requirements to a third party. We decided against this and instead are planning to improve the training of our officers.

We are reviewing upgrading the transportation for security with new golf carts and possibly a patrol car.

There are certain upgrades for the CCTV system required pending budget availability.

We are in the process of costing out and assessing the viability of implementing a barcode scanning system for the automated entry of registered vehicles via the middle gate at the front entrance. The service would require Owners to pay separately for the service, so a vote will be carried out when the costs are known.

Water & Sewerage

The main sewerage plant is fed the sewerage through a network of drains and lift stations. The lift stations each contain 2 pumps that alternate to ensure that sewerage pumps to the plant. Of the 6 lift stations that the Association is responsible for, 5 use one system and 1 uses a different system. The latter has recently failed and we are using the opportunity to convert it (at a cost of about $20,000) so that all lift stations operate using similar pumping equipment. We presently own 2 failed pumps that may be refurbished and used as backup pumps for future failures whilst we await delivery of replacements.

Management is concerned about the overall condition of the sewerage system. We are therefore in the process of putting in place a management contract to oversee the maintenance of the lift stations and the sewer plant. Part of this process involves ensuring that all equipment is brought up to the necessary standard before the management contract can take effect. The details have yet to be confirmed by the proposed management company.

There is a grey water system that can distribute the treated water throughout the development. The cost to repair this may be extensive therefore the decision has been to defer the project for the time being.

To reduce the noise level at the sewer plant, a sound booth is being built around the blowers.

Since water is a net loss to the Association, it would be advantageous to both the Owners and the Association if Water & Sewage Corp. were to take over the water billing within Sandyport. We have tried but they are reluctant. At present we purchase at the higher commercial rate and do not recover the costs charged albeit that the rate is higher than the standard rate published by Water & Sewerage. The water provided in common areas for pools can explain some losses but others may be due to leaks in the system. In order to determine this we have embarked upon an exercise of isolating and pressure testing different parts of the development. We have not yet identified any leaks but the work is ongoing.

A final note

This document is not intended to be exhaustive, it is to provide the Association’s Owners some insight as to what we have been doing or planning. The Association is owned by the Owners, for the benefit of the Owners. This Management has been put in place by the Board of Directors to carry out the wishes of the Owners as a group. With the continued input of the Owners, we will be able to improve Sandyport.