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249 thoughts on “Message board”

  1. We are very dissapointed to see the graffiti in Governors Cay today. May I ask everyone to cooperate to help security to identify the kids that did this and agree with us that the parents need to meet all costs associated with the clean up. Do the security cameras work in the front of the cay work? If yes it should be a simple matter to check the tapes for Saturday night.

  2. Small apartment or townhouse in or near sandyport needed early 2018

    My friend needs a small apartment or townhouse in sandyport or possibly other nearby gated development in Nassau for three months early in New Year. Dates flexible but would prefer to start early in January. Very clean and tidy professional German guy who will have two short-haired dogs with him

  3. When can the street light be repaired on Clipper Island.
    they have been out for almost a month now(long before the so called storm)
    I would have thought Security would have mentioned it as the street is pitch black in the evening.

  4. Mandatory closure and cleanup of construction sites?
    With hurricane Irma approaching what are we doing to ensure construction sites are left Secure and resultant damage to surrounding properties does not occur due to flying debris? Last year two sites on our road were not IMO satisfactory secured- we had to advise sandyport of trash bins still on site a day before the last hurricane this cannot happen again. We should have issued guidelines for hurricane preparedness specifically for contractors. Will security do inspections on open sites? This is a serious issue that needs the communities buyin.

  5. I wanted to post this publicly, as I was blown away today by gardening services. Staff spent the entire day working on just a few properties, clearing out debris, weeds, and fallen leaves from all the gardens, trimming all shrubs and trees, and even clearing out shrubs that were unsuccessfully trying to service post-Hurricane. The level to which gardening staff went to make our yard and garden look beautiful was unprecedented in 11 years here! THANK YOU!

  6. Hello, In reference to the salvaging of vessels and the responsibilities that come with such actions, please call first Bahamas Air Sea Rescue Association (BASRA). Also, safe boating tips and memberships are available 325-8864.

  7. HI is there anyone else who is disturbed by the loud music coming from harveys next to the main entrance .i live at Sandyport drive 10 and I hear the music sometimes after 1 pm .
    Called the police, not much relief !
    If more reidents who are disturbed call or mayby we sign a petition ,that might help.
    If you are concerned please call
    Holger 5571782

  8. We just tried to call security and were told the phones were down because the system is internet operated and the net was temporarily down. The new system often makes calling security in a hurry very difficult or impossible (as was the case today). Does this make any sense?

    1. Calling security has become such a chore without having a direct line to them. I ask management to please prioritize getting the direct line functioning again.

  9. Is anyone else concerned that our community has now become a sought after and cheap alternative for wedding venues and functions for large groups?
    So far I have not heard of any mischief going on as a result of these weekly parties, but I fear that it is only a matter of time before some child or adult falls and drowns in the pool or canal and our association is held accountable.
    I think that the hosting of these numerous functions, for mainly outside guests, should be stopped or limited to less than 30(?) people.

    1. Good point. I have asked security several times if they knew which of the attendees were Sandyport residents – none knew any that were – and I recognised no residents either. And these events seem to be getting larger and larger and louder and louder with sometimes 40+ cars being parked all over the verges and a lot of people unsupervised on our gated community

    2. I agree C Carey and the loud music and mc is not something I pay such high maintenance fees to listen too on a sat. evening. It has become way too easy to rent this space and I think it needs to be addressed!

    3. Yes!! We live on poinciana cay with two small children and it seems the last 4 times there has been a party or wedding celebration the music was so loud I had to call security twice to ask them if they could turn it down.. all windows were closed and the music was shaking the windows.. I’m starting to get fed up with this every weekend past 10pm!
      If Sandyport put a cut off time for like 9pm that would make us who live right next to the pool a lot happier! During the week I have to put up with builders banging and clanging from 7:30-5:30 and weekends we now have these ‘wedding parties’ lasting from 3-12 midnight… I’d like to know how if these people are not residents how they managed to book the pool? It’s unfair to residents if they want to book it also they don’t care how much noise they make- the screaming all night scares my kids!!
      So fed up please Sandyport homeowners do something about this please!!! You need to read your own rules regarding pool rental!




    1. I think that this is our government trying to get more tax money to spend on things that they are unwilling to account for. I understand that the tax will be retroactive to 2003. I have not yet seen the pamphlets that they are leaving at peoples door, but I looked to see what bills and laws had been in acted in parliament from 2002 onwards and could not find anything regarding this new tax. I would love to find out more.

    2. I just received the ‘flyer’ in my door. The section that they quote 40A is applicable to jetties. According to a definition that I found, a jetty is “a breakwater constructed to protect or defend a harbor, stretch of coast, or riverbank.”
      I my humble opinion a dock is not the same thing as a jetty(ie). I also looked on the governments website and could not find where this section (being item # 8 of 2003) was approved. Nor is there a commencement date.
      Are there any lawyers with docks looking at this?

      1. C Carey – Jettie, breakwater or dock, Sandyport is the only place in the Bahamas (that I know of) where you actually own the land below high water mark on which most of the docks sit. Therefore, it seems to me that even if such “dock” structures were subject to tax the Sandyport scenario where none of them actually sit on “Crown Land” would be exempt. This would be the equivalent of taxing someone for building a wooden deck in their back garden that sits on their private land. Has the association taken legal advise on this? Thoughts??

  11. Hi everyone, our wooden garden bench fell into the canal during the recent storm. If anyone has seen a bench floating in the canal or washed up somewhere please call us 676 97 97 Many thanks!! Heidi Kull

  12. I have lived in Sandyport for 25 years and can honestly say the community is the best it has ever been. I believe it could be even better if something could be done with the speed demons and also the new phone system. Calling Security in an emergency and getting a recording is nowhere as good as the old system, when the Security Staff would answer quite promptly. I suggest adding dedicated line to Security with no recording.

  13. Kindly advise if there are plans to create a “block” (i.e. an abundance of shrubbery, wall) from the sight of broken down cars, etc. along the western side of Sandyport Drive especially right after the tennis court at the front entrance.

    Thank you.

  14. I like the makeover at the entrance of SandyPort! Will the security booth be upgraded as well? and painted the same colour as the new wall?

  15. Please have the pool at #16 Clipper Island cleaned. It is filthy. Have not seen anyone there in months!
    Thank you.




  17. Does anyone know if there is a Christmas Eve service at the local church, Mount Horab here in Sandyport? If so, what time?
    I’ve tried calling and going over there with no luck.

  18. Does anyone know if there is a Christmas Eve service at the local church, Mount Horab here in Sandyport? If so, what time?
    I’ve tried calling and going over there with no luck.

  19. There are rules to follow on noise levels, clean up etc which are also on this webpage when having parties and booking the pool areas. Perhaps now because of the noise and complaints perhaps a solution would be a sign off sheet where you have the person booking sign off that they understand the terms of booking ? This may be in effect already though.

  20. The party at the Gazebo this sauturday night is DEAFENING even from the southern side of Sandyport. I can hear every word this MC is saying. Yet I cannot recognize a single participant as a Sandyport resident – though us residents are suffering the noise!!!!!!

    I really hope proper checks have been made as to which resident organized this party – and that they are present at the party – which has allowed a great number of persons into our gated community this night…..

    1. Same again this Friday night ( 9th dec) its 9:30pm and the music is so loud I can hear it over my tv, again driving past, cars parked everywhere and I doubt this is a resident party as they wouldnt be so disrespectful to other residents with or without children who can’t escape the terrible music selection…

  21. Hi my name is Holger Amann and I’m currently a resident in Sandyport. I am offering property management services to Sandyport home owners. It would be helpful for those who are predominately off island or those who don’t want the headache of dealing with general maintenance and renovations. If you have any questions or interests give me a call at 557-1782.

  22. Hi, good morning.

    I’d like to ask someone to check the cars parked at Beach lane park, there are at lest 2 cars broke parking there for ages.
    There are a lot of people living in Beach Lane area, and there is no space/park space to leave car broke ( It’s not a cemetery of cars).
    We are missing spaces to park ours cars.

    I really appreciate your help.

    Thanks and regards

  23. Good day Sandyport community.

    We all love The Bahamas, especially the family islands, so I thought of sharing with you my latest coffee table book about Cat Island called “Catch da Cat”.
    It is a combination of beautiful photographs and soulful poems by Bahamian poets and songwriters.

    It could be a thoughtful Christmas present for your loved ones or just to have in your home.

  24. Congratulations to Simon and all his people for the superb event they put on last night!!! A wonderful start to the festive season!!!

  25. THANK YOU Sandyport Homeowners Association for a FABULOUS COMMUNITY EVENT!!
    It was a delightful evening with friends from our community.
    Extremely well planned & executed.
    It’s truly Wonderful living in Sandyport thanks to this great community spirit!!!
    THANK YOU to You & You team for all your hardwork in making this evening so memorable.

    James & Nutan Poole
    3 Sandyport Drive

  26. We have the following items for sale – address 16 Beach Lane – Sandyport Drive -landline Phone – 327-4028 – What’s app mobile #s – 912-536-0493 and 912-213-7625

    king size bed form topper – purchase price $199 – asking $100

    soda stream carbonator machine + 6 (60L) cartridges – total purchase price $164 – asking $75

    Hoover floor cleaner – great for cleaning tile floors – purchase price $90 – asking $45

    Kitchenaid mixer – purchase price $85 – asking $40

    Waterwise 800 water purifier/distiller – no need to purchase bottle water again – purchase price $399 – asking $200

  27. Please could somebody look into the source of the loud alarm that has been ringing out at night for the past few days. It’s now beginning to get a little irritating.

    Thank you


  28. We are new Sandyport residents looking to purchase water toys. Does anyone have or know of the following items for sale; 26ft. Boat, Yamaha Jet Ski, Golf cart?

  29. Hello,

    My husband and I are very worried about Zika and the fact that 83 cases have been reported in Nassau. What are we doing about preventing the mosquitoes? Can we increase the fogging?

    Many thanks,


    1. Hi Lucy

      We have organize fogging as usual as a safety percaution for the beginning of September and October. We are also checking backyards for pools and settled water and unkept areas for mosquito breeding.

    2. Thanks to the Homeowners’ Association for spraying for mosquitos a couple of nights ago. We are extremely grateful to you for protecting us. I heard the truck around 2am close to Clipper Island (too sleepy to know if he actually came over the bridge to Clipper Island, but very appreciative.). Many thanks!

  30. Hello,

    Just trying to find a babysitter for our 9, soon to be 10-year-old daughter. We of course live in Sandyport and trying to find someone youngish for her so that she can have a bit of a playmate while she is being watched.



    1. Hello,

      This is our first Halloween in Sandyport and we are wondering which day kids will likely be trick or treating. Will families likely be out Sunday or Monday?

    2. Hi Francis, if you are still looking for a babysitter, my daughter would love to help. We live in Sandyport, and she is using to babysitting her younger sisters as well as other children. Please call me on 556 8865 if interested. Thank you! Viviane

    3. Hi Francis
      I see you posted this in August, but if you are still looking for a babysitter, my daughter Samantha is 14 years old (15 in March). She has completed the Red Cross Babysitting course and is a certified Babysitter!
      Sam is a student at Tambearly School, and she can get references from her teachers and other Sandyport residents if you would like.
      We live on Sand Dollar Island.

  31. I, along with many other young family homeowners in Sandyport are requesting the option for a skate boarding ramp in the phase 5 park space that is presently being paved. As well as a couple of soccer nets for the other half of the park. I understand that the baseball structure is being moved to that space. If that is the case, it would not attract many residents and just the few US residents that reside here and play the game. Many thanks for your consideration.

    1. HI,
      The grass area by the phase v pool is the only green space in Sandyport that kids can go and kick a ball or just run around. I think other options beside the batting cage should be considered there. The cage allready has a place. Whatever goes there I think that plenty of grass needs to be left so that kids still have a large are to play

      1. I am just learning that the foundation being poured has been considered for the batting cage. This batting cage was a “donation” to the community, but I question how many residents of Sandyport community actually use it. I suspect that it is primarily non residents who use it.

        Now, if in fact this pad being poured is for the batting cage, all the homeowners in the community are paying for this “donation.” This foundation is not inexpensive.

        We do not use the batting cage, we do not have children, and we do not have a dog. However, I suspect that the space that we are all paying for can be better used to benefit more of the residents of this community.

        1. We have taken note and prepared plans to relocate the area used for the dog park and modify the space so that it may be used by children for ball game practice.

          1. It would be quite interesting to poll the families in Sandyport to find out just how many have children who play ball. Perhaps it is higher than some of us realize, but then again, it may not be. As long term residents, would hope that these types of decisions are made with the needs of the majority of the residents in mind.

          2. It would be quite interesting to poll the families in Sandyport to find out just how many have children who play ball. Perhaps it is higher than some of us realize, but then again, it may not be. As long term residents, would hope that these types of decisions are made with the needs of the MAJORITY of the residents in mind. From what has been posted on July 28 by admin, it sounds as though the batting cage will remain where it is, and that this new structure and the former dog park space are now ALL dedicated to children practicing ball.

        2. Without commenting on the costs, since it seems already done, were the neighbors with already a house in place that will be directly affected by the noise consulted before deciding the installation? Nobody should have the “pleasure” of hearing the constant metallic noise of the batting next to their home. Anyone who had to experience it, like the undersigned when it was at the donor’s location, wants is as far as possible.
          Although we did not complain when it was there, we were glad when the noise stopped.

    2. With respect to the skateboard park, if implemented what would be done in case to keep the constant “wheeling and dropping” noise that a skateboarding park causes? Will a soundproofing protection (trees, other) be placed around it? Residents of phase 5 would like the same tranquility experienced by other residents of Sandyport.
      In case it is built, was it considered that a skateboarding park is in many cases linked to graffiti and other related issues (broken items, etc.) for the adjacent areas?
      Also how will the park be really limited to children of residents and will their parents in case of damages be made accountable for it?

  32. Hi guys,
    I wanted to advise all boaters and nature lovers in Sandyport that the Manatee is visiting our canals again today/tonight. I just spent an awesome hour with him/her enjoying the still conditions and sunset. He/she was very inquisitive and seemed very comfortable with me & the paddle-board, regularly surfacing and rubbing it’s nose along the board.
    Anyhow, just wanted to let you all know to keep your eyes open.
    Kinda buzzed that I got this experience in my backyard. Cheers

  33. I found 2 watches at the Governor’s Cay pool. If they are yours, text me at 544-2282 to ID and collect them.

  34. Hi Everyone,

    We have heard wonderful rumors that there has been manatee sightings in the Sandyport Canal system. We even heard there was a calf in our midst!

    Please alert boaters and other watercraft enthusiasts of their presences here. Manatee often fall prey to boat props and it would be a terrible shame not to protect these amazing guests in our community.

    Does anyone have photos of our visitors?


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