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Removal of property from common areas

The Board of Directors has determined that all trailers, boats and unused vehicles are to be removed from the Amenity Areas (as described in the License Agreement) before December 29th, 2010. Designated parking lots are for working vehicles only and all other items such as those described herein will be removed by the Association beyond this date and, if necessary, sold to recover removal costs. This measure is being implemented in accordance with clause 33 of the Restrictive Covenants and clause 9, sub-clause (ix) of the License Agreement.

New Board

The new Board of Directors elected by the shareholders at yesterday’s AGM is as follows (in alphabetical order):

  • Kenneth Cartwright
  • Edward Chemaly
  • Karen Dagenais
  • Mark Holcombe
  • Craig Lines
  • Jane McLeod
  • Tony Miaoulis

When the Board meets, they will determine who shall be Chairman and Secretary.

Notice Of Nominations To Serve On The Board


A Company incorporated under the Companies ACT

(“the Company”)


To:  The Shareholders of Sandyport  Homeowners’ Association Limited

Annual General Meeting of the above company to be held on

Thursday October 21, 2010 commencing at 7.30p.m.

Take Notice that at the Annual General Meeting a report from the Nominations Committee of the Board of Directors advises that the following shareholders have indicated their willingness to be nominated to serve as Directors if elected by the members:

It has been unanimously agreed that a request for further nominations from the shareholders at large be submitted by the 7th of October, 2010 which is fourteen (14) days prior to the Annual General Meeting to be held on Thursday October 21st, 2010.   The vote is to be taken at the Annual General Meeting.

The Members shall elect Four (4) directors for a term of one (1) year and Three (3) directors for a term of Two (2) years.

Dated this 29th day of September, 2010

Christine A. Berlanda


Download notice here

Drive carefully

This announcement is part of our awareness campaign to help reduce speeding cars within our neighborhood. Please drive carefully for everyone’s sake. It would be a good idea to remind your visitors, kids and their friends as well.

Management has received several complaints about people speeding through the property, particularly along Sandyport Drive. While there’s not much that the Association can do about speeding, the continued lack of regard for keeping one’s speedometer under 15 can only lead to negative consequences.

First and foremost is the safety of the neighborhood children who may be playing in front yards or near the street. All it takes is a foul ball, a misdirected Frisbee, a wobbly new bike, or a first timer on a new skateboard and all of the sudden there’s a kid in the road. Will you have time to stop? Probably not so please keep it slow, and stay alert.

We appreciate your cooperation.

Maintenance assessments

Starting August 16th, 2010 we shall commence with the measuring of homes for the purposes of assessing the correct maintenance charges applicable for each home. We have instructed Licensed Architects, Douglas Minns, to proceed with the work at an agreed fee of $60 per home which will appear on the next maintenance bill. For security purposes the surveyors will be in possession of a Letter of Authorisation from the Association which they may present on request. Owners are encouraged to remain vigilant and contact security if they have any concerns.

The area used for determining the applicable maintenance charge is defined as follows:

  1. All enclosed building areas measured along the exterior perimeter walls.
  2. Enclosed garages (whether or not they are air conditioned).
  3. In the case of townhouses half of the area of the common walls.
  4. Covered porches, covered balconies, carports, gazebo’s and tool sheds are not included in the measurement. Fully enclosed porches and balconies are included (mesh screening does not qualify as enclosed for this purpose).
  5. Air conditioned third floor space (such as converted lofts).

There may be some instances that require interior access and we would appreciate your assistance in accommodating the surveyors in this regard. The process is expected to take approximately 3 months for the entire development, we will hand deliver written notices of the homes scheduled for survey each week during the preceding weekend. If there are any particular concerns or instructions regarding access at that time, please communicate them to our Head of Security in the first instance. If there are any other concerns, they may be directed to the General Manager.

Following each survey, our records will be updated and future maintenance charges will be based on the most recent assessment. There are no plans to retroactively adjust the maintenance fees.

Trimming restrictions

For reasons of safety, the Association is not responsible for providing trimming services above those that can be provided at ground level without additional equipment. We would like Owners to be advised that trimming services are limited to heights of 6′ to prevent employee accidents while using a ladder. Owners with vegetation above this height should notify management and may arrange for it to be trimmed down to 6′ or should employ their own staff to maintain above the 6′ threshold.

We would also like to point out that since coconuts are normally above 6′ from the ground, the Association is not responsible for their removal.

Shareholder certificates

Since ownership of the Association was transferred to the Property Owners, we have started the process of issuing the share certificates. Each property entitles the Owner to one share in the Association however in many cases we do not have all of the information required to enable us to issue the share certificate.

If you have received a share certificate, you may disregard this notice. If you have already provided information but do not yet have the share certificate in your possession, please contact the office as it may be awaiting collection. If you have not provided the information, please download the attached form and fax it to +1 (242) 327 8665 or email it to If you rent the home, please also complete the second page providing the tenant information.

Download form (requires Adobe Acrobat to view)

Garden treatments and fertilisation

Lawns that are discolored, slow-growing, or have invading weeds or other pest problems may not be properly fertilized. Fertilizer is important for healthy, vigorous plant growth and development. Because many of the required nutrients for turfgrass are found naturally in the soil, fertilization practices focus on the supply of three primary nutrients — nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Nitrogen is the only nutrient that turfgrass needs on a regular basis. Lawns may occasionally be deficient in iron, and fertilizers containing iron may be supplemented. As nitrogen is applied, both root and shoot growth increases. If too much nitrogen is applied too frequently, shoots will continue to grow yet root growth will slow, leaving the turf vulnerable to problems.

Insect feeding can cause grass to turn yellow or brown, or die, especially if the grass is already stressed. Damage usually begins in small, scattered patches, which may merge into large dead areas. However, lack of proper cultural care and use of inappropriate grass species in a particular location are more likely responsible for unhealthy or dying lawns than insects.Disease-causing pathogens, excessive or inappropriate use of chemicals such as fertilizers and herbicides, and dog urine also produce damage resembling that of insects. Before taking any insect control action, be sure that it is insects causing the problem and not something else.

Since the Association is not responsible for pest control, treatment nor the fertilisation of private gardens, it is advisable for owners to implement a good pest control and fertilization regime using a specialist firm. For further information concerning garden care click here.